Challenge Rules

1. Challenge has to take place within 2 weeks.
2. When initially Challenged you got 72 hours to reply or you will loose by default.
3. After the initial reply both players got 48 hours to reply before loosing on default, until date, time and court are agreed upon.
4. If date, time and court can not be agreed on within 2 weeks the Challenge is canceled and no rank changes take place.
5. Be on time for the match, 20 minute default time will be enforced.
6. Challenger brings 2 cans of balls.
7. Second can of balls to be used on third set.
8. Guest fees are to be split between both players equally.
9. Ten minutes warm ups.
10. Three minutes of change of side. Change court ends after odd numbers of games have been played.
11. Two out of three pro set. Pro set: if a set goes to 6-6 a 7 - first tiebreaker should be used to determine the winner of the set.
12. Third set to be played out.
13. All USTA rules to be applied.
14. Winner report the scores within 24 hours after match.
15. Go2TennisLadder reserves the right to place any player - who has violated the standards of good conduct or abuse fair play and good sportsmanship - on probation for a period of time as determined by Go2TennisLadder, or bann said player from the tennis ladder indefinitely.
16. Final rule: Keep it fun!
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