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On this page you find information about your rebate codes.
  • What codes you got.
  • How to use them.
  • Who has used them and how much money you have available.

What codes you got

It is all very simple. You got two codes you can give away to fellow tennis players you think should join the tennis ladder.
One is based on your initials and date of birth plus sometimes one or two extra letters.
The other one is your email.
We did it like this so it would be easy for you to remember.

These are your codes:

CODE REBATE BONUS USERS ".$print_codes." "; ?>

How to use them

Situation 1: If you meet someone on the court or on the street and they want to join:
Option 1: Tell them to go to and use your code in the rebate code field to get a $10 rebate on their membership.
Option 2: Give them your business card and tell them they can use your email to join.
Option 3: Take their business card and email them a link with your code.

Situation 2: You want to email your tennis friends your rebate code.
Send them anyone of your http://go2tennisladder/rebate/your-code-here links. Most email clients make links clickable. Otherwise tell them to copy-paste it into the browser.
The link saves your rebate code and automatically put it in the rebate code field when they go to the JoinNow page.
Furthermore a cookie that last 100 days is created in their browser and keeps your rebate code active. This is of course if they dont clean out their cookies, another persons rebate code overwrites yours, or they use another browser or computer.

A word of warning - if you spam your links on for example your facebook account you might encounter problems. We are not responsible for your actions.

Who has used them and how much money you have available

Below you can see what users has registered with your rebate codes.
If it is an initial tennisladder membership period the user of course will enjoy 3 initial free "try us out" months while we hold their membership fee.
Accounts passed this "try us out" period without cancelation give you a $10 bonus available to claim.
There are no minimum or maximum amounts and no fees to get your money. All we ask for is a paypal account to send it to.

These are your users:

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code user period bonus available claim
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