Etiquette is important, both online and on the court.

1. Be on time! (If you are late call.)
2. Shake hands in the beginning and the end even if you lose.
3. Win or lose, thank each other for coming because you both win by showing up.
4. When your guest arrives, show him/her the facility, should they need to use the restroom or for something to drink.
5. No cursing or swearing. Please be on your best behavior, I know about frustration but please be cool.
6. If you don't clearly (I mean clearly) see the ball out, it's IN. That's all there is to it.
7. Before you serve, call out the score.
8. When receiving practice serves, donít bang them back, just get the ball back to them.
9. Keep warm ups to ten minutes.
10. Be polite. Be a Gentlemen or a Lady.
11. Do not make snide remarks. Making friends is the best motto.
12. Dress appropriately.
13. Respect The Game.
14. No yelling, there are others on the court. Be nice to yourself. The other is trying to kick your _____ any way.
15. Please and Thank You does work.
16. If someone hits a good shot, say "Good Shot", it's okay to be nice.
17. If someone gets injured, get help! Just don't leave.
18. Do your best! Most of all have fun!
19. Remember both of you are winners. You showed up!
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