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It is a smart business decision.
We are a community-oriented site that centers to a health driven business and people that want more out of life.
Tennis players are loyal customers, they also love to refer business.
Players come to this site on an average of twice a week to check scores or their standings so your business will be seen at all times versus hit or miss advertisement.
We feel itís important to support tennis in your community.
So get an edge on your competition. Advertise on Go2TennisLadder now!
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Sidebar Advertising Guidelines

Sidebar banner is always 250 px (pixels) wide.
Banner height is flexible.
Minimum banner height is 30 px.
Maximum banner height is 1000 px.
In case the combined height of active banners for one ladder area is over 1000 px the banners will rotate, otherwise the banners will permanently show.
Banners are shown in JPG format.
All other image formats will be converted to JPG.
Banners will be shown against a black background and have a 5 px margin to the next banner.
You are allowed to link to a web page from your banner.


You pay per month.
You pay per ladder area your banner is shown in.
You pay a set fee of $5/month per banner.
You pay a sliding fee for the height of your banner.
Height is dynamically priced at $1 per 10 px and month.

Price examples

An ad that is 250 px wide and 30 px high cost $8/month ($5 + $3).
Put your mouse here for a sample.
An ad that is 250 px wide and 91 px high cost $15/month ($5 + $10 since 91 px are rounded up to 100 px).
Put your mouse here for a sample.
An ad that is 250 px wide and 250 px high cost $30/month ($5 + $25).
Put your mouse here for a sample.
An ad that is 250 px wide and 500 px high cost $55/month ($5 + $50).
Put your mouse here for a sample.
An ad that is 250 px wide and 1000 px high cost $105/month ($5 + $100).
Put your mouse here for a sample.

Practical example

A pizza restaurant owner want to advertise with Go2TennisLadder.
He already has a banner that he has used before that is 300 px wide and 250 px high.

This banner is too wide but that is no problem, it can be scaled down.
Scaled down the banner will be 250 px wide and 208 px high.

Since he is paying a dynamic price the price for 208 px height is rounded up to the nearest 10 px, being 210 px.
Price is $1 per 10 px height, therefore $21.
He choses it to be displayed on the Long Beach ladder area side banner first month being February 11 to March 11.
The final price is $5 set fee + $21 height price = $26 for a 250*208 banner showing one month on one ladder.
The banner is seen by all the tennis players visiting the Long Beach ladder area and some of them choose to click on it to get to the coupon that is shown on the pizza restaurants web site.
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