How the tennis ladder works

It's Simple and It's Fun!

  1. Join and Log in.
  2. You will now have your own rebatecodes to give away.
  3. Go to MyLadder.
  4. To Challenge, pick someone 5 or less steps above you.
  5. Contact that person through the message system or call them directly. You will only have access to phone numbers to the 5 people you can challenge.
  6. Person being challenged picks the court and both agree on time.
  7. Challenger brings two cans of balls.
  8. Game on! Please be on time!
  9. Winner submits the score.
  10. Winner assumes loosers rank.
  11. Looser takes one step down in rank.
  12. To Social Play: You can contact anyone in your ladder or another city ladder to play socially. Score will not be submitted to the ladder.

Ladder Players

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Men's $display_rank Women's $display_rank
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Our Mission

Go2TennisLadder's mission is to create and operate the best online tennis ladder website. Our vision is to have a fun and easy system where players can play competitive tennis in their own level all year round.

A great advantage is being able to have the convenience of playing at courts around your area. This is a great way to not only get fit but meet new people who also love tennis. Our custom ladder was designed to give players an accurate measurement of their skill level.

Enjoy features such as keeping track of your matches, chat online and view galleries. An added feature is being able to play socially which is ideal when you are traveling.

We are committed in setting the highest standards in service, reliability, and a healthy environment for our tennis players. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and have you as a customer for life.

So get off the sidelines. Get in the game!

Chris Demuth
President and CEO

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